Before any bells and whistles are added and before we even think about hosting or ongoing support, we need to discuss your project in detail, take into consideration your style, the "image" of your online business, your likes and dislikes, and how your online business site will work for you.

We start with a blank canvas, and build YOUR site, the way YOU want it. Each project is different, and our rates are based on our experience, your needs, and the fact that we can build these sites a lot faster than most web design firms.

All our projects are priced as FLAT RATES. There are no extras, no limits on the number of pages, images, or features. We take our time up front to make sure you love the design, and then we build the site to function now, and well into the future.

We charge a little more for setting up the product layouts and shopping cart, if you decide you want that, but you can also add it any time, in minutes. The eCommerce capability is already built in to our hosting package, so it's easy!

Remember, this is ALL we do, and we have been doing it successfully for more than 15 years. References are available upon request.

Please call us at 845-679-8052 to discuss your project, and we will be happy to give you a FIRM price, immediately.

For faster service, check out our new Design Intervention Templates.  Our hosting prices and plan options can be found here.