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Neil Eisenberg, the founder of Design Intervention Studio, has dedicated nearly 25 years to crafting unique and artistic websites for businesses of all sizes. Our web development agency is nestled in the picturesque Hudson Valley town of Woodstock, NY, allowing us to comprehend the requirements of both small and large businesses. Our specialization lies in e-commerce, and our primary objective is to render the process of showcasing your business or service online as affordable and effortless as possible. The results of our work speak for themselves. Call us for a no-obligation consultation.

Design Intervention Studio
Hudson Valley NY
Web Design, Marketing & SEO Experts

Whether you need more visibility, complete e-commerce integration, more information about you or your business online, or just a more user friendly better looking website, we have you covered. And we specialize in increasing traffic, and getting exposure for your business within your budget. In fact, working within a budget is our specialty and we will always work with that in mind throughout every step of your project.

Literally Hundreds of Websites in our Portfolio. 20+ Years of Experience Matters

From the earliest days of the Internet, to today, we have built websites for the largest corporations to the smallest business person. We speak all languages when it comes to web development, including the latest in responsive functionality. We are fluent in HTML5, javascript, CSS, Liquid, SASS, Foundation, Bootstrap and even Django and Python for those projects others are afraid to tackle. We specialize in Webflow development, and will build your site using their framework.

Logos, Design, Photography, Complete Web-based Back-End Solutions & Automation

Your identity is important to us, and we have designed logos of all shapes and sizes, ready for your new website, or for print. We have built custom web-based admin systems for large scale customer and product management.  We also provide on-site photography to compliment your business if that's what you need.  One stop shopping is our specialty!  And when the job is done, we make sure your site is SEO ready, and help you get the word out.

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